By the Nightcrawlers, Release UK, Harm Reduction International and the International Drug Policy Consortium

Join Release UK, International Drug Policy Consortium and Harm Reduction International for an interactive discussion with Raffy Lerma, acclaimed photojournalist and main subject of the National Geographic documentary The Nightcrawlers.

An unflinching, verité-style exposé, The Nightcrawlers follows a determined group of photojournalists on their mission to chronicle the deadly battle being waged against the Philippines’ drug epidemic — and the tragic cost of this brutal crusade.

The event will take place on 16th June at 2pm.


  • Raffy Lerma: the Nightcrawlers
  • Gloria Lai: International Drug Policy Consortium
  • Giada Girelli: Harm Reduction International
  • Imani Robinson: Release UK (moderator)

We encourage participants to watch the documentary beforehand for free on YouTube to learn more about these brave journalists. Questions can also be submitted in advance of panel once you RSVP to the event 

While the event is free of charge, the number of attendees is limited, so save your spot now by clicking the "save my spot" button.