Webinar #2 on COVID-19 and Harm Reduction Programme Implementation


Webinar #2 on COVID-19 and Harm Reduction Programme Implementation

24 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on the provision of health services across the globe and is further magnifying the existing barriers faced by people who use drugs in accessing harm reduction services. Programmes have had to adapt, and efforts are being made to enhance accessibility and ensure the continuity of harm reduction services in a context that is changing daily. But what does this look like in reality, and what practical measures can be put in place to ensure that people who use drugs continue to have access to essential services and support?

Following the first in the series, the aim of this second webinar is to facilitate an interactive and more in-depth discussion on issues related to OST and overdose, sharing of practical field-experiences including issues around non-injecting drug use and advocacy opportunities, and will build upon previous discussions around generally adapting and maintaining harm reduction services during COVID-19.

Speakers will discuss:

  • Technical considerations for shifting to take home doses and alternative methods of OST provision;
  • Drug supply changes; managing overdose risks and withdrawal during COVID-19;
  • Practical example of adapting non-injecting drug use programmes;
  • Leveraging advocacy opportunities during COVID-19.

During the 30 minute Q&A session, representatives from WHO, UNODC, and experts in the above topics will be available on the panel to answer your questions.

There are two sessions, participants need to register:

Click here to register for the 9:00 CET session

Click here to register for the 16:30 CET session

Start30 April 2020
End30 April 2020


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