Re:Generate Festival - Drug Policy

Re:Generate Festival - Drug Policy


Re:Generate Festival - Drug Policy

27 September 2018

“Drug policy is the main mechanism used to criminalise, incarcerate and kill people of colour in the UK. Drug policy is a racial justice issue.”

RE:GENERATE is a Black-centred UK arts festival focused on the intersections of drug policy, racial justice, and liberation, taking place at Ugly Duck from 2nd - 4th November 2018.


RE:GENERATE is produced by Imani Robinson and Camille Barton, in partnership with Release - the UK’s centre of expertise on drugs and drugs law, and hosted by Ugly Duck as part of their Art & (H)aktivism season. The weekend will feature workshops, panel discussions, an art exhibition, and performances. Activities will build community and raise consciousness around this issue so that we can conceptualise and develop drug policies that work for everyone.

RE:GENERATE provides a space to imagine new possibilities beyond the war on drugs, and to envision the healing of the harms that it has caused. The festival takes a holistic approach to this topic by addressing important intersections such as sex work, transgender rights, mental health, and healing. It is a space to talk, connect, rest, make art, learn, and reflect on the impact that drug policy has had - and continues to have - in the UK.

Drug policy, and its impact on the Black community, is a much-needed conversation. Join us at Ugly Duck to have your say.

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