Recovering Justice is delighted to host Neil Woods at George Street Social.

Neil is a former Detective Sergeant and undercover operative, and is now Chairman of LEAP UK, and a board member of LEAP in the USA. LEAP (Law Enforcement Action Partnership) is a U.N. acredited international organisation composed of law enforcement figures, military and policy influencers who campaign for evidence based drug policy. 

Having spent 23 years in Derbyshire Constabulary, Neil was on the frontlines as a drugs undercover operative over fourteen years. He also developed tactics and the training for other undercover officers. He later became a Detective Sergeant with Derbyshire CID whilst acting as a board member of the Drugs Expert Witness and Valuation Association (DEWVA). Neil is a regular in the media, discussing drugs and drug policy.

Woods the author of the bestselling Good Cop, Bad War, has a new book out, Drug Wars: The terrifying inside story of Britain's Drug Trade, written with JS Rafaeli.