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The Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) is the central policy-making body of the United Nations drug control system. The Commission meets every year for a week in March, at the Vienna International Centre (Austria), to discuss drug policy issues and adopt resolutions on the direction of international drug control for the coming year[s]. Attended by member states, UN agencies and civil society organisations, the sessions of the CND provide a platform for advocacy efforts, the expansion of networks and knowledge sharing. This webinar explains the Commission's functioning, presents an overview of the key issues concerning the upcoming 60th Session, and offers guidance to facilitate NGO engagement.

Presenters: Jamie Bridge (Senior Policy and Operations Manager, IDPC)Nazlee Maghsoudi (Knowledge Translation Manager, ICSDP) and Simon W Beddoe (Regional Manager Advocacy - Asia, India HIV/AIDS Alliance).

Jamie Bridge (IDPC)
What is the CND? 00:02:39
What does the CND do? 00:07:25
How does the CND work? 00:13:21
How can NGOs engage with CND? 00:23:05

Nazlee Maghsoudi (ICDSP)
NGO experiences at CND 00:36:30

Jamie Bridge 
60th Session of the CND 00:48:04

Simon Beddoe (India HIV/AIDS Alliance) 
NGO and civil society engagement at CND 00:56:30


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