Drug journalism is literally big news. Just have a google...

If you do have a search, you'll notice that barely an hour goes by without a news story about drugs. But like any industry - and like drugs themselves - quality is everything.  What’s our fascination? How can we press dialogue into action? And let’s test the purity of drug journalism?

The Stop and Search podcast is hosted by Jason Reed, special guests are:

Join us for Stop and Search, our live 'war on drugs' podcast under Scroobius Pip's Distraction Pieces network, in association with LEAP UK, brought to you by Acast.

We're hosted by the wonderful Tottenham Court Road Waterstones once more, a relaxed and comfortable setting where, we’re sure you'll agree, our panel will have a very interesting chat. Come along, bring a friend, and bring your own supply of opinions and questions (and you'll probably notice how respected and professional journalists don't use bad drug puns)!

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