Reflections for Change is celebrating its second exhibition on June 8 when the 2015/16 cohort of health studies students at University of East London (UEL) will present an exhibition to their classmates, staff members and the internationally acclaimed author and scientist Professor Carl Hart. As part of a first year skills module, Personal and Professional Development, taught by Dr Jennifer Randall, 120 Health Studies students read High Price: Drugs, Neuroscience and Discovering Myself by Professor Carl Hart. This personal narrative, interwoven with accessible explanations of the science of drug use and critiques of contemporary drug policy, inspired students to reflect on their lives and how these connect to larger movements and agendas. Off the back of reading this book the students engaged in critical discussions on topics ranging from domestic violence, institutional racism, feminism and drug policy. When they finished the book in December 2015 they wrote to Dr Hart to tell him how much they appreciated the book and how much it had taught them.

From January to March 2016 the students were supported and assisted in reading the academic literature cited in High Price to develop the critical skills necessary to succeed in the university. In January students were invited to join a project in which students worked with the staff to use photovoice to further reflect, and then mirror back those reflections through an extra-curricular curated exhibition. This research project was intended to not only collect data but engage students in ‘learning by doing’ and teaching them research skills in their first year. They have now curated an exhibition that will be open to the public from 13:00 on Wednesday June 8. Professor Hart will be visiting the exhibition and meeting with UEL students.

On Thursday June 9 at 17:00, Professor Hart will be giving a public lecture at the opening event of the UEL Civic Engagement Festival held from June 9-11. .

Tickets available here.

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