30th session of the Human Rights Council

The world drug problem remains a common and shared responsibility that should be addressed in a multilateral setting through effective and increased international cooperation. The world drug problem constitutes a challenge to safety, national security, the health and well-being of the population, socioeconomic and political stability and sustainable development, especially because of the illicit activities of criminal organizations connected to it. The global and the national responses to the world drug problem require a truly balanced approach that considers the individual and his or her well-being at the core of any action taken. In many settings in the world, the prohibitionist approach to drugs is breaching most of the human rights and fundamental freedoms set out in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Covenants on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as well as on Civil and Political Rights, and other international human rights treaties.

Objectives: The panel is expected to discuss a range of impacts that the world drug problem has on the enjoyment of human rights. The panel discussion aims:

  • To shed light on the ways the world drug problem adversely affect various civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, in particular the needs of affected persons and those in vulnerable situations;
  • To explore recommendations on respect, protection and promotion of human rights in the context of the world drug problem; and
  • To deepen the understanding of the relations between the current drug control regime and human rights violations, including trends, patterns and challenges.

The panel discussion will offer a forum to enhance understanding of the issue of human rights in the context of the world drug problem, and the global response to it. The panel discussion will offer an opportunity to share experiences and good practices in the way countries have addressed the adverse effects of the world drug problem while fully respecting their obligations and commitments regarding civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

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