LIEPP's "Health policy" research group, in partnership with LSE IDEAS, and the CNRS Unit "Droit et changement social" at the University of Nantes are pleased to invite you to a discussion seminar on regulating drugs. The seminar will be organized around the presentation of a new book by Henri Bergeron (Sciences Po, CSO and LIEPP) and Renaud Colson (Université de Nantes, UMR "Droit et changement social"), La drogue devant le droitpublished in the collection "PUF/La Vie des Idées" in 2015. 

Following this presentation John Collins, International Drug Policy Project Coordinator at LSE IDEAS, will present the 2014 report of the LSE Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy on "Ending the Drug Wars".

A critical discussion of research perspectives on issues of drug regulation at both LIEPP (Sciences Po) and LSE IDEAS will be led by Henri Bergeron.


Source: SciencesPo./LIEPP

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