The 58th Session of the CICAD will take place from 29th April to 1st May in Washington DC, USA. 

On 28th April, a side event entitled "Drugs and Development: Prioritizing a Social Integration Approach" will be held. The meeting is an initiative of Guatemala’s Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with CICAD. Governmental representatives to the CICAD, as well as subject matter experts and civil society organizations will participate in this dialogue. The objective of the meeting is to examine the link between drugs and development, addressing issues such as the negative impact of drugs on health, life expectancy, education, employment, human rights and poverty reduction. The following specific topics will be discussed: a) The interconnection between drugs and development; b) Promising responses with different approaches that promote social integration of people with different forms of attachment to drugs. The preliminary agenda for this dialogue is available below. 

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