Efforts to regulate the sale and personal consumption of marijuana are underway from the United States to Uruguay and points in between. How these efforts impact public attitudes and personal behaviors is subject to much speculation and debate. Join us for a public discussion with three leading researchers from the Latin America Marijuana Research Initiative (LAMRI) who have just completed extensive field work and surveys about marijuana regulation, the first of its kind in the region. LAMRI focuses on the unique experience of Uruguay, as it establishes regulated markets for marijuana sales and consumption, and serves as a valuable foundational resource for more extensive research and debate related to drug policy.


Dr. María Fernanda Boidi
Director, Insights Research Group, Uruguay

Dr. José Miguel Cruz
Director of Research, Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC), Florida International University, Miami

Dr. Rosario Queirolo
Associate Professor, Department of Social and Political Sciences at Universidad Católica del Uruguay

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