The Australian Drugs Conference connects research, policy and practice to illuminate the contributing factors and possible solutions to the challenges related to problematic drug use.

There is evidence within Australia of an increase in crystal methamphetamine/ice use; influenced in part by increasing purity and availability. Recent experience in Victoria shows how rapidly ice use can spread. Methamphetamine and emerging synthetic drugs pose new challenges in a time of stretched resources.

Combining a harm minimization framework with a biopsychosocial understanding of substance use, the conference weaves together perspectives from supply, demand and harm reduction to elucidate the impact of drug use on individuals, families and communities.

The conference also provides an opportunity to network with colleagues from diverse backgrounds across Australia. It brings together professionals working in health and human services, medical practitioners, policy makers, law enforcement personnel, consumers and affected communities, researchers and more.

Join your peers and other experts to help set new priorities and expand efforts to address the impacts of drugs at the individual and community level.

Take new ideas and solutions back to your workplace to help you support your community.

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