This conference will provide an opportunity to review current Harm Reduction practices both nationally & internationally and to examine the future potential for Harm Reduction within the recovery agenda.

The morning sessions will consist of presentations from speakers with a vast range of experience and knowledge within the Harm Reduction field.

The afternoon session will take the form of a debate with questions from delegates to the expert panel.

This conference will be useful to people who work in, are involved with, or have an interest in Harm Reduction, Substance Misuse and the Recovery agenda including service users and those managing and delivering services.

During the day, the following topics will be approached: 

Going up the Nose......

  • Examining the evidence and results of introducing take home Naloxone for Intranasal administration within NHS Highland.

Enhancing the Impact on peers who inject drugs within responses to Hepatitis C

  • This session will present a new training resource that has been developed for the European Correlation Network, which is primarily aimed at developing the capacity of people who inject drugs. The materials will be outlined and the session will then raise a series of questions about optimising the role of peers at a local level.

Mind your Language

  • The spoken word is a powerful thing and the impact it can have on both ourselves and others can shape our futures and the futures of others. Be mindful of your words before they become actions.... that someone somewhere might regret.

Going “Mainstream” with Overdose Prevention and Naloxone

  • The challenges and opportunities faced by Harm Reductionists in the States.

And an open debate with questions from delegates

  • The debate will be chaired by Pennie Taylor, Journalist and Health Communications Specialist.

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