Too high to fail: Find out about the cannabis revolution in the USA

7 November 2013

The book by Doug Fine "Too high to fail: Cannabis and the new green economic revolution" will be launched news Wednesday 13th November in the Keyworth Centre. This event will also include a talk from Dr Gary Potter on alternative models of regulated cannabis markets around the world, and a talk from one of the leaders of the Belgian Cannabis Social Club movement.

The book:

Based on bestselling author Doug Fine’s latest book, ‘Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution’, in this slide show and talk, we follow one locally permitted organic cannabis flower, from farm to liver cancer patient. Doug, globe-trotting and hysterically funny veteran of award winning journalism from the glaciers of Alaska to the jungles of Burma and Guatemala, spent 2011 in California’s Emerald Triangle cannabis fields, reporting on a growing movement toward legitimacy and sustainability.

As covered in his groundbreaking book, every plant in Mendocino County, California wears a permitting bracelet from the Sheriff’s Department. Local crime went down as a result of this “Zip-tie” Program, and the permitting revenue saved seven police jobs, in addition to hurting criminal cartels.

From there, in this visually stunning live event Doug extrapolates the value to the economy of ending America’s longest war, the 40-year, trillion-dollar Drug War.

Registration is not necessary, but it would be useful to have an indication of likely numbers. So please email Dr Gary Potter ( if you are hoping to attend.

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