City Health 2012


City Health 2012

5 February 2012

City Health 2012 will be hosted by Alderman David Wootton, the 684th Lord Mayor of the City of London.

This international event will examine current policy and practice in relation to public health in cities. It has a special focus on health behaviours – including diet, alcohol, sex, drugs, and smoking, and mental and physical well-being.

City Health 2012 provides the opportunity to demonstrate the leading role that cities play in addressing issues associated with a large, complex, diverse, shifting population on a daily basis.

In highlighting examples of good practice the conference provides a high profile platform to advance the evidence base for public health to a number of significant audiences.

City Health 2012 will discuss and disseminate models of intervention, practical experience and research from across the world, acknowledging and recognising the impact of economic and cultural disparity and beliefs. The conference will be of interest to city officials, policy makers, industry, commerce, health planners, managers, practitioners and users of health services. Issues for the future public health will be hot topics in 2012, with the creation of Public Health England.

Two major events in Europe – Euro 2012, in Poland and Ukraine, and the Olympic Games, in London – will highlight how cities have responded to the health challenges of major influxes of population.

The City of London with its history, the complexity and diversity of its populations and its commitment to those populations presents a most appropriate location for an international event to identify, examine and promote ‘world class health promotion and provision for world class cities’ and to highlight the significance of leadership from major cities in this regard.

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