Due to increasing rate of HIV/AIDS particularly among women and children in EMRO region countries, in particular, Iran, Shiraz HIV/AIDS Research Center, an affiliate of the Shiraz University of Medical Science, is honored to be hosting an international congress on “HIV/AIDS, women and children”. This congress, with new ideas and focus on women and children as two vulnerable groups, is held for the first time in the country and regional level in Shiraz-Iran, from May 2 to 3, 2012. Note that it is welcomed and supported by global organization such as UNAIDS, UNICEF and UNFPA. The main objective of the congress is promoting opportunities for a greater collaboration among specialists and researchers all over the world.

Congress Topics

  1. Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in women and children
  2. Reproductive Health (STIs, family planning, maternal health care, neonatal care, clinical manifestation)
  3. Children Care (diagnosis, vaccine, treatment, clinical manifestation, affected families)
  4. Vulnerable Groups (drug users, sex workers, prisoners, runaway girls, orphans) 
  5. Special clinical manifestation in women and children
  6. Supportive care in women and children (physical activity, nutritional and mental care)
  7. Human rights, stigma, discrimination in women and children (gender, religion, race)
  8. Psycho- social aspects of HIV/AIDS in women and children
  9. Health promotion in women and children
  10. Other topics related to HIV/AIDS
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