This year, the Harm Reduction Knowledge Hub for Europe and Central Asia welcomes specialists interested developing interventions for stimulant users. Together, the participants will enjoy the challenge of an intensive learning experience through lectures, role plays and reading scientific literature. This three-day training is designed to assist public health professionals in acquiring an understanding of work with stimulant users and will equip them with the skills required to analyse local drug situation with respect to the types of stimulant drugs.

During the training, participants will discuss and reflect on:

  • The history of illicit and licit amphetamine use and its place in society;
  • The emergence of amphetamines in Central and Eastern Europe;
  • The physical, psychological and psychiatric effects of amphetamines;
  • The mechanisms of amphetamine in the brain;
  • Harm Reduction and amphetamines;
  • Working with sub-populations of amphetamine users;
  • Treatment responses to problematic use;
  • Assessing community needs and proper response;
  • Reaching amphetamine users and adapting existing services to their needs; and
  • Establishing an evidence-based programme for amphetamine users.

For more information on the Seminar, please contact Larisa Abrickaja at: