By Exchange Supplies

This free, open access, training resource is a part of our social mission to develop and improve the harm reduction response to drug use.

In addition to our unique overdose recognition and naloxone administration course that allows people to buy naloxone online, we now have certificated training with a foundation course in level 1 needle and syringe programme delivery.

Written for staff delivering needle and syringe equipment distribution services in pharmacies and other services.

In the coming weeks and months courses will be added to take practitioners to level 3 needle and syringe programme delivery, giving advanced safer injecting advice.

All our training is (and always will be) free, and available to all.

Our mission is to maximize our impact on the reduction of drug related harm by improving injecting equipment and providing free access to accurate detailed harm reduction information online, so we have shared all the materials on this site under the terms of a Creative Commons 'Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.