On the occasion of the Global Day of Action of the Suport. Don’t Punish campaign, during Pride month, Re Generation organised a screening of the film “Chem-Sex and the city” in Belgrade. The film was produced with the support of the Drugreporter Video Advocacy Network. Watch the video and read Irena Molnar’s report!

This short documentary premiered at the International Harm Reduction Film Festival in April this year in Portugal. It was made within Re Generation’s video advocacy public campaign to raise awareness of psychoactive substance issues. As Belgrade’s chemsex scene is on the rise (read more about chemsex here!), and more and more people are getting into it, the cases of overdose and sexual assaults are more and more frequent. With this event marking the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, we wanted to raise awareness and make an open and safe space for people engaging in chemsex, to ask questions, talk about their experiences and seek any advice they may need.

This event – co-organised with the LGBTI Equal Rights Association and supported by the Pride Info Center – marked the beginning of an open dialogue on chemsex as a new phenomenon in Serbia, and as a result, we started new cooperation and mapping of the needs of communities practicing chemsex in Serbia, with an aim to create services that would respond to their specific needs.