As President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed sweeping legislation aimed at curbing the opioid epidemic, experts on the front lines hailed the bipartisan efforts on the opioid package, but cautioned about celebrating prematurely, especially when tens of thousands of Americans' lives are at stake.

"Despite all the polarization, Democrats and Republicans were able to agree on a number of effective policies," said Keith Humphreys, a drug policy expert at Stanford University who worked with Senate and House staff on the legislation. "That's impressive that, at least on this issue, they were able to collaborate in a way they haven't been able to do on anything else."
Added Guohua Li, a professor of epidemiology and anesthesiology at Columbia University: "It is heartening to see our elected officials put national interest above partisan politics and join hands to tackle a public health problem. The legislation represents an elevated federal response to the opioid epidemic, including increased financial support and some sound and sensible policy initiatives."