Support. Don't Punish is looking for creative, collaborative web developers, preferably with experience working with non-profits/social mobilisation initiatives, to lead on the re-design of the campaign's website. 

The campaign

Support. Don’t Punish is a global grassroots-centred campaign in support of harm reduction and drug policy reform. The campaign seeks to put these issues on the political agenda by strengthening the mobilisation capacity of affected communities and their allies, opening dialogue with policy makers, and raising awareness among the media and the public.

That the campaign has been able to remain current and continue to grow significantly despite relatively limited resources owes itself to the power of its message, the leadership provided by its central hub and, above all, its decentralised nature (the campaign is carried forward by local partners, who mobilise under a common international banner).

The campaign recently celebrated its sixth anniversary with its biggest Global Day of Action to date. On or around 26 June 2018, thousands of activists in 234 cities and 98 countries joined a wide range of locally-organised events, including gatherings, concerts, protests, street art and meetings with policy makers; making it the largest worldwide mobilisation for drug policy reform of its kind.

The website

The current website was launched in 2013, in parallel to the campaign’s first Global Day of Action. Its structure has remained essentially the same for the last six years, introducing the campaign, outlining avenues for engagement and showcasing achievements. The website remains useful and has attracted close to 225,000 views during its lifetime³.

However, the campaign’s substantial expansion and the evolution of mobilisation technologies has limited the website’s potential. As the main point of contact with campaign stakeholders, the new website should encourage and facilitate engagement throughout the year, with a streamlined, eye-catching, flexible design, capable of integrating third-party mobilisations tools, including a dedicated Petitions platform.


We expect to invest between 10,000 USD and 13,000 USD (VAT included) on this website re-development process, depending on the complexity of the tendered project.

Look & feel

The new website should be easy to navigate, light and uncluttered. Durability will be a key concern, which is why we are aiming for a fresh and contemporary look, and a flexible design.

Application process

At this point, we invite interested parties to submit an expression of interest to Juan Fernandez Ochoa - IDPC Campaigns & Communications Officer ( Please, briefly describe how your previous experiences align with this project and provide a portfolio of relevant work. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, 12 September 2018.

Shortlisted parties will be provided with a detailed brief and invited to submit a website development proposal.