By Ben Graham

Those caught smoking weed in South Australia could soon cop massive fines and even jail time as the state looks to crackdown on cannabis possession. As countries around the world look to loosen legislation around recreational use of the drug, South Australia’s government wants to go the polar opposite direction. As part of a new war on drugs declared by the Marshall Liberal government, the state’s Attorney-General Vickie Chapman is looking to slap those smoking weed with fines which are more than four times higher than they are now. The proposal means cannabis would be elevated to the status of “other controlled drugs” such as ecstasy and heroin with fines of up to $2000 or up to two years behind bars. Those using cannabis in the state can currently cop fines of up to $500. However, the most common penalty is $125 for carrying 25 grams or less. Ms Chapman told The Advertiser this is a “similar to the penalty for jaywalking” and the drug possession laws, which have remained largely unchanged for three decades, must be made tougher.