By Business World Ghana

Mrs Maria-Goretti Loglo, the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC ) Consultant for Africa has called on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working on drug abuse issues to intensify efforts and harmonise their motives to whip up government’s interest in the welfare of individuals with substance abuse disorders. Speaking at the World Drug Day event organized in Accra by the West Africa Drug Policy Network Ghana (WADPN) in partnership with the West Africa Civil Society institute (WACSI), she noted that disunity among civil society organisations in Ghana is hindering efforts to draw the needed support from government to support individuals with substance abuse problems. To get government to prioritize the needs of these individuals, “CSO’s must organise themselves and   intensify their efforts. What I have realised is that CSOs are doing things separately. There is the need to harmonize, intensify and speak with one voice to get government involved.” She bemoaned the practice where people with drug abuse problems are punished and bundled up in prison together with hard core criminals which according to her, makes matters worse for these people.