By  Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network

The Minister Health and Child Welfare, Dr. David Parirenyatwa, has clarified the government’s position for growing cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes. In a recent statement issued by the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Dr. Gerald Gwinji on behalf of Minister Parirenyatwa, he said the government had not suspended the farming of cannabis. The statement was issued out after the Deputy Minister of Finance, Terrence Mukupe had indicated that the government had suspended cannabis farming as it sought to investigate reports received from investors who had applied for licenses to grow crop. “There has been some miscommunication from different sources, which has caused misunderstanding with regards to government’s position to create a framework through legislation, in which the growing, processing and marketing of cannabis and its products for medicinal and industrial use, by duly licensed and monitored entities is legalized,” Minister Parirenyatwa said.