Anyone’s Child campaign gives a voice to families who have been impacted by drug policy. This time to Lugard from Kenya. Watch the short film produced by a member of the Drugreporter video network!

This week, a new film is launched demonstrating the human face of the impact of prohibitionist drug policies in Kenya. Lugard Abila has worked in harm reduction for years and lost a drug using friend to a ‘mob justice’ attack in Kenya. ‘Mob justice’ is just one example of the effects of the stigma prohibition creates around drug use and users.

When Lugard came aross the Anyone’s Child campaign, which gives a voice to families who have been impacted by drug policy, he realised the message applied in equal measure to Kenya. Lugard joins the ranks of people refusing to be shamed into silence around drug policy and determined to stand up for the human rights of people who use drugs and their families. In this short film, he shares some of his story.