The AFEW network in conjunction with the ‘Bridging the Gaps: health and rights for key populations’ project, is kicking off its regional approach. In this regional approach they will focus on three main areas:
  • Labor migrants who are using drugs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA).
  • Harm reduction friendly rehabilitation in the EECA region.
  • Human rights
The assessment on harm reduction friendly rehabilitation will take inventory of what type of rehabilitation is now available and what types of methods for treatment are used in Ukraine, Georgia, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. Desk research will also provide an overview of international applied evidence based methods. Together with partners in the summer school, AFEW will analyze if capacity building on rehabilitation can be provided to improve the results and to make rehabilitation services more harm reduction friendly.

The assessments will take place this summer. The results and conclusions will be shared during AFEW’s regional autumn school that will take place in Almaty, Kazakhstan from October 30th untill November 3rd.

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