Sierra Leone like most West Africa countries is deeply wrapped traditional and cultural beliefs, there are certain topics or issues that are considered taboo and forbidden to discuss, whatever is said about such issues must be accepted without question, because they considered inerrant and infallible. One of such is the issues of marijuana and its users, who are condemned by traditional, cultural and righteous bigotry.  One of greatest blunder in Sierra Leone amongst the citizenry is the persistence denial or notion that “good people don't use marijuana“.
This dangerous-prejudice has forced our national human right commission to conspicuously keep silent over the continuous harassment and violation of the human rights marijuana users in the country since their establishment, and the newly widely acclaimed Legal Aid Board vehemently denying to take up the matter of those languishing in our correctional centre’s and police cells across the country because alleged marijuana or other soft drug use and related matter.
Marijuana is cultivated in almost every part of Sierra Leone except Bonthe District which soil texture is not suitable for it growth. It is also a lucrative business. According the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Research Report Sierra Leone is currently the highest exported of Marijuana to the neighboring countries. 

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