The World Hepatitis Alliance launched an open letter calling for immediate action to vastly improve access to life-saving drugs for viral hepatitis. Signed by over 120 organisations from 55 countries, the letter highlights that more people die each year from hepatitis B and C than from HIV/AIDS, TB or malaria and that “the single most important reason for this is that they do not have access to life-saving drugs for hepatitis B and hepatitis C“.

The open letter has been signed on behalf of the 400 million people worldwide living with hepatitis B and C and makes specific requests to governments and pharmaceutical companies.

Signatures were collected from delegates during the inaugural World Hepatitis Summit, a joint World Health Organization and World Hepatitis Alliance event that took place 2-4 September 2015 in Glasgow, UK. The letter has been sent to all pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies working in the field of hepatitis and the World Hepatitis Alliance will encourage its 220 member organisations to use the letter to lobby their national governments.

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