By Rael Mora

According to the peru-based center for Research on Drugs and Human Rights, the policies implemented by the Peruvian government for over 20 years in alignment with the United States have failed and are the cause for major human rights violation against farmers in drug trafficking areas. The overall study was compiled by the Center for Legal and Social Studies in Argentina in collaboration with 17 organizations throughout the region. The spokesperson for the Center for Research on Drugs and Human Rights, Ricardo Soberón, argued that “an environment of authoritarianism and arbitrariness is reproduced with lack of transparency [and] accountability. This has ultimately led to a severe situation of violating the fundamental rights of the farmers that are suspected to be members of Shining Path or drug traffickers. This situation is maintained year after year under the pretext of fear and it does not allow to resolve the problems of poverty."

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Thumbnail Photo: Creative Commons