About 20 countries and jurisdictions from all over the world have decriminalised drug use or possession of drugs for personal use. However, the models of decriminalisation implemented worldwide have tended to vary widely.

This e-tool, developed by IDPC in collaboration with NGO partners, aims to map out how these models work in practice, describing their legal framework, the role of the police (if any), the judicial or administrative process, the applicable sanction (if any), and examples of countries illustrating each model (for more information about these examples, click on the country and you will be directed to a key resource for more details).

The e-tool also enables you to compare the various models of decriminalisation and see what the key differences are between each type of policy. We hope that this tool will inform the debates around decriminalisation as more and more countries are calling for a removal of criminal sanctions for simple drug use.

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