Two short films have been launched as part of a new youth-led stop and search project, Y-Stop, aimed at teaching young people how to manage police interactions safely and confidently. The film is a powerful tool for young people, showing them how they can actively influence the outcome of a stop and search and uphold their rights, rather than feeling like passive victims. It stars Percelle Ascott (Mandem on the Wall), Danielle Vitalis (Youngers) and Ricky Groves (Eastenders) and is directed by Teddy Nygh (Riot From Wrong). Click the link above or view it here

This film has the potential to really empower those who watch it, but to get it out to those who would benefit the most, we need your help. Please share, tweet and shout about this film as loudly as you can! 

The Y-Stop film is part of a broader youth-led project on stop and search in collaboration with StopWatch. For more information, visit the Y-Stop wesbite.

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