As the open drugs market in Geneva causes loss of control over a part of the public space and is the main cause of unsafety, a Group composed of different political parties represented in the Senior Committee, meet to make some proposals. Informal meetings have held since summer 2012 and the outcomes are in presented in this document.

The cannabis market represents the main part of this open market. It generates numerous small law offenses that spoil the lives of the citizen of Geneva. This market represents 1 Billion Swiss Francs. The consumption of cannabis has been or will be legalized in many countries. Not only is consumption common in Switzerland but the sentence regarding this offence is just a fine.

After a detailed study of the different solutions experimented and implemented abroad, the Group’s proposal is to test a mock-project in Geneva and to allow the growth, the delivery and the consumption of cannabis and derivatives products like hashish and cannabis oil during three years. This framework would operate through organizations like Social Clubs in Spain and France.

Neither drug consumption nor the number of drug users has increase since the legalized cannabis consumption models have been experimented abroad. In Switzerland, we estimate that there are about 500,000 cannabis users, which represents between 6.25 % and 8.5 % of the population. In the Netherlands, where cannabis consumption is legalized, the proportion of cannabis users is 5.75%.

This solution, which will be combined with an increasing prohibition of the street market, aims at curbing the crime generated by the open market, staying as close as possible to drug users – who are confidentially registered members of cannabis social clubs - , monitoring THC, the active substance of cannabis, and being sure that the produced quantities don’t exceed individual needs. A tax will be implemented.

The Group proposes to launch this pilot project in Geneva – and if possible in cooperation with other major Swiss cities – allowing Bale’s and Zurich’s initiatives to become real, even though they have not proposed a concrete content yet. At this point, the undersigned consider that it’s necessary to make this project public in order to draft a detailed plan and to give the opportunity to political parties and civil society to discuss it.

The Group is aware that the project is limited: cannabis and its derivatives are just a part of the drug market. Undoubtedly, cocaine and heroin consumption has to be severely sentenced and healthcare facilities for drug users should be maintained. This policy will enable the police to be more efficient: they will target just cocaine and heroin. The group is also aware that alcohol consumption abuse is dangerous.

"We" are convinced that troubles regarding this issue deserve a study which is independent from the usual political game. That’s the reason why we have worked on our own behalf and according to the principles of our political parties. We hope that all this will help to launch a sound and constructive debate. 

Interparty Party Group of the Geneva Canton (2013) – the cannabis social club: a model effective of regulation of access the cannabis for more of security in the city.

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