On January 21-23, 2013, INPUD’s Programme Coordinator Mick Webb, alongside a leading member of Kenyan Network of People who Use Drugs (KeNPUD) Tinga Kalafa, delivered a capacity building workshop for 24 participants from KeNPUD in Kawangware district in Nairobi, Kenya. The aim of the workshop was to revisit the network’s mission, vision, aims and objectives.

KeNPUD was initially seeded in June 2012 and has since become a registered community based organisation based in Nairobi. KeNPUD’s aims are to provide peer to peer education on information regarding safe injecting, BBV transmission, safe sex, STIs, to provide peer based NSP by distributing sterile injecting equipment, collecting and safely disposing of used equipment within the Kawangware district of Nairobi.

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