The President of the Romanian Deputy Chamber has launched an invitation to civil society representatives to participate in the first debate on changing the Romanian law on drugs (Law no. 143/2000 on Prevention and Fighting Drug Trafficking and Illicit Drug Use).

Based on their expertise in prevention programs and services targeting drug users, Romanian NGOs are invited to submit proposals for changing the law.

The Deputy Chamber is proposing discussions on three topics:

  1. Differentiation of penalties for illicit possession of drugs for personal use
    According to current law, drug possession for personal use is a crime. Possession of “high risk drugs” leads to incarceration between 2 to 5 years, while possession of “risk drugs” is punished with prison between 6 months to 2 years or fine. Drug possession for personal use is a form of right to privacy and has no social risk per se.
  2. Periodic reviewing of drug classification lists
    Starting with 2006-2007, a so called “legal drugs” (or legal high) market has developed in Romania. Recently, a Government decision has criminalized 36 substances, most of them part of legal high products. This measure has lead to the idea of creating a dynamic system to identify new drugs and to prevent their negative consequences for public safety and public health by including them in the drug classification list.
  3. Reviewing of legislation regarding drug policy coordination (accountable institutions, funding drug policies).
    In 2009 the National Anti-drug Agency, responsible with overall drug policy coordination, has been re-structured under the Romanian General Police Inspectorate. This measure has lead to a lack of leadership in drug policy oversight, contradictory decision and lack of leadership in drug policy field.

Contact person:
Valentin Simionov
Executive Director
Romanian Harm Reduction Network