Opening letter from the President and Executive Director

The work of the Drug Policy Alliance is both all about drugs and ultimately not really about drugs at all.

We are at the front lines of much larger struggles in U.S. and international society – over what it means to remain a free society and how we deal with both real and phantom threats to health, life and security.

Donald Trump’s election and his appointment of drug war extremists to senior positions are going to make it harder to consolidate our marijuana legalization victories, and to make progress in Congress on rolling back harsh drug laws, repealing civil asset forfeiture laws, reducing overdose fatalities, and integrating harm reduction principles into federal drug policies.

But what most concerns us is the assault on the values for which we’ve fought for so long.

We advocate for drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights because we believe those values should infuse all public policies.  Only through our shared strength and vision can we uproot the drug war and advance the broader values that guide our struggle.

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