Time has come to embrace a different approach and adopt policies that are based on public health, community safety, human rights and development. Only such policies will deliver on the promise to improve people’s lives; only such policies will truly allow Myanmar to reduce the harm caused by problematic drug use, trafficking and production.
This policy briefing was drafted by a group of local and international organisations with indepth knowledge and extensive experience of drug-related issues in Myanmar. It is structured around a set of five strategic interventions, each of which comes with concrete recommendations that are adapted to the Myanmar context. It contains reliable, up-to-date information and examples of evidence-based practices from Myanmar and around the world.

We identify the following 5 key strategic interventions.

  • Increase access to health, harm reduction and voluntary drug treatment for people using drugs
  • End the criminalisation of drug users and small-scale farmers
  • Refocus law enforcement efforts on violent organised crime and large-scale drug production and trafficking
  • Promote development projects in opium growing areas
  • Include civil society and affected communities in policy reform 

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