Psychosocial support programme for methadone clients


Psychosocial support programme for methadone clients

16 April 2014

Psychosocial Support Programme that is designed for patients on Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) in Hasan Sadikin hospital has been implemented as a pilot project for two years. In mid 2013, Rumah Cemara (RC) evaluated the programme since its initiation. As a part of operational research design, the evaluation specifically aimed to look at barriers in relation to human resources, implementation and programme management. It also identified how far can the materials and methods of the programme improve patients’ life quality. The assessment also enables improvements for the programme to reach its highest quality.

The evaluation was done through qualitative approach with RE-AIM (Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation and Maintenance) focus to reach the set goals. Data was collected through in-depth interview and focus group discussion involving 45 participants including clients of MMT receiving psychosocial support, clients of MMT not receiving psychosocial support, closest relatives of clients, MMT clinic officers, and programme implementers.
Findings from this evaluation have revealed that the programme has the potential to support clients for better quality of life, particularly in considering several improvements needed to increase the scope of the programme.

Successes have been found in improvements in communication and relationship with family, as well as clients are motivated to be financially independent. However, these successes have not been the programme’s maximum and further supports are still required such as, clients’ motivation; participants recruitment procedure; programme implementation guidelines; standardised curriculum; success measurement tool; availability and management of human resources from RC; and programme integration with MMT clinic have been important elements for programme improvement.

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