Article 5.1 of Council Decision 2005/387/JHA stipulates that ‘Where Europol and the EMCDDA, or the Council, acting by a majority of its members, consider that the information provided by the Member State on a new psychoactive substance merits the collection of further information, this information shall be collated and presented by Europol and the EMCDDA in the form of a Joint Report. The Joint Report shall be submitted to the Council, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Commission.

At the end of 2011 and in 2012, the EMCDDA and Europol examined the available information on a new psychoactive substance, 4-methylamphetamine, through a joint assessment based upon the following criteria:

  1. the amount of the material seized;
  2. evidence of organised crime involvement;
  3. evidence of international trafficking;
  4. analogy with better-studied compounds;
  5. evidence of the potential for further (rapid) spread; and,
  6. evidence of cases of serious intoxication or fatalities.

The EMCDDA and Europol agreed that the information collected on 4-methylamphetamine satisfied all criteria (1 to 6). The two organisations therefore concluded that sufficient information had been accumulated to merit the production of a Joint Report on 4-methylamphetamine as stipulated by Article 5.1 of the Decision.

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