African Union plan of action on drug control (2013-2017)


African Union plan of action on drug control (2013-2017)

30 October 2012

The African Union Commission is committed to developing measures aimed at supporting its member states in their efforts to combat the world drug problem.

The AU Plan of Action on Drug Control (2013-2017) (AUPA) is the fourth revised Plan of Action developed by the AU in response to emerging challenges associated with drug control. It is informed interalia by the three international drug control conventions and earlier declarations and decision of the four sessions of the AU Conference of Ministers in Charge of Drug Control, taking into account the principle of shared and common responsibility.

In this regard, the Plan of Action follows a balanced and integrated approach to drug control, providing a solid framework to address both supply and demand reduction in corresponding measure. While Drug Control practice in Africa has tended to focus more attention on supply reduction, this plan proposes to restore the balance and pay greater attention to health and other social consequences of drug use, while not neglecting law enforcement approaches.

The revised AUPA for the period 2013-2017 is cognisant of the magnitude and complexity of new trends of drug trafficking through the region and resultant health, social, economic, and security impact. It therefore pays particular attention to capacity building for research, information collection and development of monitoring systems with a view to increase monitoring of changing and emerging trends, implementation of evidence-based responses and ability to assess the effectiveness of those responses.

An important feature of this current Plan of Action is the results-based implementation matrix, with broad outcome areas and outputs to be realised at the continental, regional and national levels, which have been carefully developed in a consultative process.

The Plan of Action is envisaged to be the most comprehensive reference and background document for Member States to galvanize national, regional and international cooperation to counter the drug problem on the Continent over the next five years.

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