The ‘Global State of Harm Reduction e-tool’ is an online resource containing up-to-date information on harm reduction policy and programming around the world. The web pages draw on the latest research in this area to present an at-a-glance guide to the current state of harm reduction worldwide:

  • Which countries have harm reduction programmes operational?
  • Which governments include harm reduction in their national policies?
  • How many countries have drug consumption rooms?
  • What do multilateral agencies say about harm reduction?
  • Which NGOs are working in harm reduction in a particular region?

The web pages present the answers to these questions and more through accessible tables and maps, providing links to further details, where available. This e-tool will be regularly updated in time for major harm reduction and drug policy events and expanded upon as new research is carried out.

The information contained in the e-tool is separated into a Global Overview Section and regional sections for Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Western Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Oceania, North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. All of the data is referenced and the maps and tables are in a printable format so that these can be re-used.

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