This report contains a series of articles by journalists and experts analysing dilemmas journalists face as they cover the issue of drug trafficking in the Americas. The report also tries to delineate the real dimensions of the problem. It is divided into five chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Tyler Bridges, a veteran US correspondent in Latin America, presents his account of the two days of discussions in Austin.
  • Chapter 2: University of Miami's Professor Bruce Bagley explains the mahor trends of drug trafficking and organised crime in the region 
  • Chapter 3: Colombian journalist Alvaro Sierra talks about the 'strange paradoxes of the drug coverage in the news'
  • Chapter 4: This chapter highlights the key findings of a study on the 'spiral of violence' that is silencing the press in Mexico.
  • Chapter 5: Samuel Conzalez, former Mexican Chief Prosecutor Against Organised Crime, presents an analysis of drug trafficking in Mexico and Central America

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