UNGASS News - Issue 2

31 July 2008

This is the second edition of UNGASS News, that provides an update on the progress of the United Nations review of the global drug control system. This edition describes the experience so far of the expert working groups, and the outcome of the 'Beyond 2008' Global Forum. IDPC has produced an advocacy guide ( to describe the UNGASS 10-year review and the key issues within it. As a way of keeping our network informed, we are producing regular 'UNGASS News' updates as the process unfolds. This second edition reports on the outcome of the first three intergovernmental working groups, and the 'Beyond 2008' Global NGO Forum. Welcome to the second edition of the IDPC UNGASS News. This brief update is intended to provide an overview of progress on the UNGASS review process, drawing attention to significant developments and keeping our network of colleagues around the world abreast of the rapidly changing situation. Contents: Introducing the UNGASS Drug Policy Review Process ; Beyond 2008- The Vienna NGO meeting; The 5 Expert Working Groups; and The Right to Health.


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