Launch of 'After the war on Drugs: Blueprint for a Regulated Drug Market'

21 August 2009

In November of this year, Transform will be publishing 'After the war on Drugs: Blueprint for a Regulated Drug Market'. It is a groundbreaking document that will provide a fulsome answer to the questions and concerns that many people raise in response to our calls for change. It will shed significant light into the area that so many describe as a step into the dark.

Transform have a rough first draft that they are working on now. A more finished draft will be available in the coming months. Transform are seeking international partner organisations to assist with the launch and dissemination of this document. The plan is to see 'Blueprint' launched simultaneously on five continents, making it the major international breakthrough report of the year, in terms of moving the debate further toward the centre of the political agenda.

If your organisation would like to be a part of this exciting venture please contact Transform. Your organisation's involvement could be as little as helping to get out a press release, through to holding some kind of launch event, putting up spokespeople and associated activities, such as debates and workshops.