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23 September 2010

The European Harm Reduction Network (EuroHRN) has been recently formed by ten organisations with a shared interest in advocating for and sharing knowledge on harm reduction within Europe. It is made up of three sub-regional networks covering North, South and Eastern Europe and managed by a coordinator based at the International Harm Reduction Association in the UK.

The North Europe Sub-Regional Network is led by EFG (the Netherlands) and Akzept (Germany).
The South Europe Sub-Regional Network is led by APDES (Portugal).
The Eastern Europe Sub-Regional Network is led by the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (Lithuania).

EuroHRN works to reduce the health and social harms related to drugs and the policy environment, by promoting the human rights and health of people who use drugs through collective advocacy, research and information exchange.

EuroHRN aims to:

  • Facilitate networking at European, sub-regional and national level.
  • Advocate for harm reduction in the European region
  • Map the European state of harm reduction and drug user organising in Europe

Establish and promote models of meaningful participation of people who use drugs and their associations.

What can EuroHRN offer its members?

Members will receive a sub-regional and Europe-wide newsletter which will keep them up to date on advocacy opportunities, news, events and the latest resources for harm reduction. Members will be included on dissemination lists, and will be linked in with sub-regional networks. Coordinated advocacy for harm reduction within Europe.

How to join EuroHRN:

Participation in EuroHRN is free of charge and open to both individuals and organisations that support the mission statement and aims of EuroHRN. Those who may be interested in joining include people who use drugs, people living with HIV, community advocates, practitioners, policy makers and other individuals or organisations that wish to learn more about, or advocate for harm reduction within Europe.

If you would like to join EuroHRN please email Maria Phelan at

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