Psychedelics and the Mind (Online Course)

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Psychedelics and the Mind (Online Course)

12 September 2023
University of California, Berkeley
Professor David Presti

Professor David Presti draws upon decades of teaching his top-ranked course at the University of California, Berkeley, to share with the edX community. Presti skillfully navigates the science, culture, and history of psychedelics for both the novice learner and the curious expert interested in fact-based learning surrounding visionary substances.

In this 8-module course we will explore:

  • The scientific world of psychedelic substances and the mind
  • Plant medicines and hallucinogenic compounds
  • Opportunities to deepen your own understanding of mind

In becoming a more informed citizen vis-à-vis psychedelics, you will have an opportunity to become better acquainted with your own brain and nervous system, understand the science related to organisms and molecules having psychedelic properties, gain historical and contemporary context surrounding factors that influence public opinion and law, and appreciate something of the rapidly evolving contemporary clinical research with these materials. While human relationships with what are called psychedelics are very old, they may offer wellness opportunities for our modern day, as well as profound insights into the nature of mind and world.