Africa Policy Week: Prioritising people through progressive policies

West Africa Drug Policy Network


Africa Policy Week: Prioritising people through progressive policies

26 August 2023

From August 14th to 17th, 2023, the vibrant city of South Africa, Cape Town, hosted a significant event on the continent's policy calendar – Africa Policy Week. This gathering saw delegates from governmental bodies, civil society, academic institutions, and directly affected communities converge to delve into the intersection of policies and people. The overarching objective was crystal clear: to drive policies that place people's interests at the forefront. Aptly themed "Putting People First," this year's conference underscored the significance of human-centric policy frameworks.

This event is hosted annually in South Africa through the collaborative efforts of SANPUD, TB HIV Care, and SA Drug Policy with the generous support of local and international organisations.

The 2023 Africa Policy Week was truly a distinctive occasion that coordinated perspectives from Southern, East, and West Africa. It brought together policy influencers and architects from diverse spheres and those deeply invested in advocating for policies that champion the well-being and safety of individuals across the spectrum.

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