PSYCHOACTIVE - A podcast series with Ethan Nadelmann


PSYCHOACTIVE - A podcast series with Ethan Nadelmann

3 August 2022

This series includes episodes with harm reduction and drug policy reform activists from our network and allies, including Daniel Wolfe, formerly at the Open Society Foundations, on Funding Global Harm Reduction; Alejandro Madrazo and Catalina Perez, from the Mexican Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE), on Drug Prohibition in Mexico; Gideon Lasco on the World’s Most Vicious Drug War —discussing the Philippine war on drugs; Anya Sarang, from the Andrey Rylkov Foundation, on Russia and Drugs; and Amanda Feilding (Beckley Foundation), on Psychedelics Research.

Drugs, drugs, drugs. Almost everyone uses them. Almost everyone has an opinion about them. Drug policy pioneer Ethan Nadelmann gets to the bottom of our strange relationship to drugs by talking with those who love them, hate them, and study them.


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