Key principles of harm reduction in homeless settings

Naomi August - Unsplash


Key principles of harm reduction in homeless settings

13 August 2021

By István Gábor Takács / Rights Reporter Foundation

Harm reduction is an essential part of homeless services. Experts in the field talk about how they work by these key principles of harm reduction when supporting people experiencing homelessness.

This short video is a product of the Harm Reduction for Homelessness Erasmus Project, which was coordinated by FEANTSA and we were also participants of it. The aim of the HR4Homelessness project is to foster the capacity of homeless services to provide effective Harm Reduction support. HR4Homelessness identified one of the most urgent challenges of homeless services which is to improve HR services for people in situation of homelessness. Until today, people in homelessness who use drugs lack access to HR services, die or get infected with life-threatening diseases. Effective harm reduction is the first crucial step to improve their health situation. The Harm Reduction Key Principles support services in improving HR service provision. In this short video, participants of the project from various countries talk about how they work by these principles. The interviews were collected online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.