BUSTED. You have the right NOT to remain silent.


BUSTED. You have the right NOT to remain silent.

7 December 2012

This is an initiative to raise funds to produce a docomentary with dual Emmy nominated (and AFI and Walkley winning) writer-director Victoria Midwinter Pitt. It's on the failure of the War on Drugs, told by some of the world's leading lawmen and women who have spent their lives enforcing the drug laws. The film is being made for the internet with a strong interactive website as part of it. We are in a funding race to raise $50,000 via Pozible crowdfunding (Australian equivalent of KickStarter) from December 12.

We have to raise it as fast as possible to then receive $150,000 from film body ScreenWest as part of their digital 3-1 funding initiative. That will give us most of the $$$$ to make the half-hour film. Please sign up to our Facebook site and our website (design by the wonderful Marc Nemorin) -- it will go live later today (busteddoco.com). We are not about putting forward a solution to the drugs issue, but putting in a strong voice to continue the call for a real conversation. As a couple of leading Australian lawmen have said...

“Enough is enough. The prohibition strategy, so costly in resources and human terms should be re-evaluated. Our communities should be mature enough to contemplate new strategies.” – Michael Kirby, former Justice of the High Court of Australia

“We owe it to future generations to be realistic; to be prepared to examine the facts and the options. It's time the community and its leaders had the courage to look at this issue with fresh eyes.” – Mick Palmer, former Chief of the Australian Federal Police.

Help us get this important message out and be part of making one of the most important conversations in history happen.

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