Skoun recruits advocacy coordinator


Skoun recruits advocacy coordinator

6 September 2012

Skoun is looking to hire on a project basis an advocacy coordinator for its Drug Law Draft. The aim is to gain support from politicians, policy makers, institutions and the public for the proposed law amendments.

TORS Project Coordinator:

  • Reports directly to Skoun Director
  • Manages project budget
  • Manage activity time line
  • Coordinate meetings with policy makers and officials for lobbying meetings
  • Communicate to with NGO partners
  • Organize advocacy workshop for Skoun and partners
  • Handle media relations and strategy
  • Meet with officials and policy makers
  • Contribute to advocacy strategy
  • Appear on various media outlets
  • Responsible for social media campaign
  • Oversee the production of viral campaign
  • Produce final report to be sent to donor

Skills: Excellent communication skills, excellent coordination, good people skills, and ability to think strategically.

Experience required: 2 to 3 years

Education degree: Bachelor Degree

Period: September 15th ,2012 to December 31st, 2012

Salary: $1600.

Submission guidelines: Cover letter required.

Deadline for applications: 12th September 2012